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MUDr. Eva Sehnalová

  • Contact
    • MUDr. Eva Sehnalová
    • Soběšická 2, Brno - Husovice, map
    • telephone: +420 545 213 602
    • e-mail: ortodoncie@stomatologie-brno.cz
    • ordinační hodiny:

      po 7,30 - 15,00
      út 7,30 - 14,00
      st 7,30 - 14,00
      čt 7,30 - 14,00
      7,30 - 12,00
  • The orthodontia dentist office specializes in fixing teeth and mandible irregularities.
  • We bring teeth and mandibles to the right position, make their chewing function better, protect the health of teeth (to minimize the danger of tooth decay and periodontal diseases). Last but not the least we hope to elevate the social life options of the patient.
  • Both removable and fixed orthodontic devices are used to remedy the teeth irregularities.
  • Orthodontic treatment can be started at any age.
  • Before the treatment starts, you get a professional consultation. The dentist listens to you and your needs and then recommends you the preferred type of treatment.

We are looking forward to seeing you. MUDr. Eva Sehnalová and the personnel